The Bisho Massacre:

Who Pulled the Trigger?

World Premiere
SA Premiere

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Petunia Mokoena


South Africa



Running Time:

24 min


A chilling account of the 1992 Bisho massacre and the events leading up to it, as well as an overview of the political climate of the time. Following the South African government’s policy of creating black homelands known as Bantustans and placing puppet leaders to govern them, Lennox Sebe was appointed leader of the Ciskei and Bantu Holomisa was appointed leader of the Transkei. Joseph Gqozo succeeded Sebe and began his reign in 1990 and started a dictatorship over the Ciskei people. The ANC mobilised to dismantle the oppressive regime, as they wanted the Ciskei to be re-incorporated into South Africa. Some 80 000 protestors marched to Bisho in the Ciskei and a massacre ensued, killing 29 ANC supporters, 1 policeman and injuring 200 people. An attempt is made to get to the bottom of who was responsible for the massacre and subsequently looks to the TRC to find out to whom blame could be apportioned.