Good Hope


Availability &
Screening Time:

Sat 29 Aug / 4pm + PANEL at 7.05pm


Anthony Fabian


South Africa



Running Time:

93 min



South Africa’s long and complex history of colonialism and apartheid continues to hang over the country like a dark cloud, despite the avalanche of hope that liberation brought in 1994. And yet, there is another story to tell – about the astonishing efforts of a new generation to tackle the country’s problems. Good Hope documents the first generation to live in a free democracy, and the first to potentially fulfil Mandela’s vision of a rainbow nation, despite the fact that most of them are just a generation away from the extreme hardship and oppression of apartheid. The film interviews 36 dynamic young South Africans, including sportsmen, entrepreneurs, artists, writers and activists, all of whom are a huge source of inspiration and hope – not just for South Africa but for the world.

Please join us for a live-online PANEL DISCUSSION featuring the Directors of GOOD HOPE & A NEW COUNTRY at 7.05pm on 29th August