King of the Cruise

A portrait of rich and flamboyant Scottish baron Ronald Busch Reisinger of Inneryne as he looks for everything affluence can't buy on one of his frequent luxury sea cruises.

SA Premiere

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Screening Time:

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Tue 25 Aug / 9am


Sophie Dros





Running Time:

79 min


English | Russian | French | Filipino | Norwegian

The subject of the film – an ageing baron named Ronald Busch Reisinger who claims to be Irish but is the very image of American excess – is vacuous and insecure. But that is very much the point in this beautifully rendered document of cruise-line luxury culture in which the facade of decadence is lifted to reveal its essential emptiness. The film follows Reisinger as he spends his time garnering the attention of romantic couples, wealthy families and the ship’s hardworking staff, regaling them with stories that may or may not be true. But despite its chronicles of the baron’s grandstanding, the film is sensitive enough to look beyond his swagger, in the process acknowledging the universal human desire for recognition and validation.