Lamentations of Judas

SA Premiere

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Screening Time:

500 tickets
Wed 26 Aug / 9am


Boris Gerrets





Running Time:

98 min


Portuguese, English

Lamentations of Judas is a contemporary retelling of the gospel of Luke, with the cast consisting of members of a community of black Angolan soldiers who once fought white South Africa’s colonial wars and now live displaced lives in the ruins of Pomfret, a former asbestos-mining town on the edge of the Kalahari. Set against this desolate landscape, the men become protagonists in a film about betrayal, free will and repentance, as they confront the ghosts of their past. Shifting between fiction and documentary, the film intersperses its biblical tale with interviews with the soldiers and slivers of their present-day realities. Exploring the paradox of being both perpetrator and victim, Lamentations of Judas is an artful reflection on issues that continue to haunt the region.

You can find the recording of our Q&A with the director on our YouTube channel.