World Premiere
SA Premiere

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Screening Time:

400 tickets
Sun 30 Aug / 6pm + Q&A @ 6.45pm


Tshililo waha Muzila


South Africa



Running Time:

5 min


In the time of COVID-19, a small and isolated community is left vulnerable as it struggles to fight off an illegal mining cartel in their backyard. It’s only a day after the President announced the National Lockdown and the new normal settles in Cowboy Town. It’s a surreal picture as only an essential service truck roam the street as sunset rips through an old Bombardier plane next to the Sherrif’s Office of this western themed entertainment venue. It is only when the night sets in that an eerie faint sound can be heard coming from an empty field behind the residential complex. Cctv cameras reveal trucks appearing from the pitch black field. Dozens of dark figures with tiny torches in their foreheads jump off and start digging the land. The Zamazamas (illegal miners) have landed and this is only day one.

This short documentary film aims to relive a journey of four unidentified residents as they mobilise, with caution to fight back the new occupiers off the land by utilising all means necessary to get their plight heard. The film will also expose the police’s incompetence and their questionable response as they play a cat and mouse game, oblivious that big brother (cctv) is watching.

It is in this state of panic and the feeling of helpless that a first hand experience of organised criminal activity in progress is witnessed not only by the residents but puts the viewer on the edge of their seats.

Please join us for a Q&A with all the DFA short film Directors on Sun 30 Aug @ approximately 6.45pm